Pollution has now become a huge part of our everyday lives. It is hard to avoid polluting the environment when we have become so dependent on using vehicles and manufacturing. In Los Angeles California this has become an issue that isn’t safe to live in. This city is highly touristic with traffic being the main product of pollution. There have been many health problems in cities where smog is apparent, and people seem to ignore this problem and continue living their daily lives. During this term I have learned that people decide it’s easier to avoid the problem/risk, then try and fix it. This is because fixing the problem would cause people to change their way of living. Also if people do not see symptoms of these health risks right away, it is easy to think they do not exist. This smog is very dangerous for the future generation children that are growing up in these cities because their lung capacities will be reduced. What can we do to make people see that there is an actual problem here, and if changes are not made it’ll only get worse.