We never really know what we will find when we drill into the Earth.  Geologist drilling in the Karakorum Desert in Turkmenistan found out how true that was.  While drilling for oil in the desert they discovered a large underground cavern full of natural gas.  With the weight of the drill, trucks, people and all the other equipment the cavern turn into a giant sinkhole taking everything with it.  The pit known now, as the ‘Gates of Hell’ is approximately two football fields wide and nearly 100 feet deep.  At the time of the incident, no official report was filed, nor were there any news articles on the disaster.  The remaining crew decided to light the pit on fire to stop the expelling poisonous gas.  This happened back in 1971, and still today no studies have been done to measure the amount of gasses released into the air every day. The pit can be seen for miles at night and people see the Gates of Hell as a tourist attraction oblivious to the risks involved with being around a giant gas-burning pit.  There is a serious need for environmental management around the world to control dangerous natural phenomenons from harming others.  Here are som  e photos of the pit and a quick video of the pit.