I want you to think of what got you interested in environmental studies enough to take this class.  For me it was Captain planet which was an animated children’s TV show that I’m sure many of you remember.  The main purpose behind the show was to teach children about the environment around us and how we should protect it to keep the ecosystems from being destroyed.  It featured Captain Planet and the Planeteers who were young citizens from around the world who fought for environmental justice and fought against large corporations who pollute the world with toxic waste.  In nearly every episode the PLaneteers do their part but usually rely on Captain Planet to finish the job for them and save the day.  While we don’t have a super hero to rely on to save us from ourselves and our destructive ways we can take his message very seriously, “The power is yours”!  This reminds us that we must take responsibility to clean up after ourselves and others and only we can save the planet.