Ground breaking legislation was passes today to reduce the risk of poisoning by ingesting rat poisons. The EPA announced a ban of the sale of most toxic mouse and rat poisons to residential customers. The move was prompted by the thousands of children under 6 and pets that ingest poison pellets everyday. Due to their close proximity to the ground, poisons are often ingested by toddlers and pets and can cause brain damage, internal organ damage and even death.Back in 2008 the EPA gave developers till 2011 to enclose their products in delivery enclosures and produce less toxic baits, yet some chose noncompliance and are now being reprimanded. We pride our country on having eliminated basic risk factors in our society leading to a generally low mortality rates yet for decades we have been knowingly placing poison pellets on the floors where are children and pets play. The move to ban many forms of rodenticide containing toxic chemicals as well as requiring protective delivery stations should indeed make our households safer. It might however drive the price of such products up as some products are still allowed only when applied by professionals. It is good to see legislation in favor of reducing our exposure to toxic substances though admittedly tackling the residential application of rat poisons is much easier and solves many less problems than say tackling pesticides used in farming. Priority to such legislation makes me consider how much environmental justice the EPA aims to achieve. While a few thousand toddlers and pets may be saved from a stomach pumping, some live neighborhoods, particularly low income neighborhoods, completely contaminated by near by industry. I wonder if the EPA is going after easy wins rather than tackling tougher, bigger issues.