Concerns over raising our children in a toxic world were aired at Mount Sinai hospital in a summit aimed at spreading awareness. Among those speaking is Robert F Kennedy, the late president’s Nephew, who voiced grave concerns that the diseases becoming increasingly prevalent in our society today are caused by our exposure to toxins. Illnesses ranging from asthma to autism, Kennedy claims, were once rare but are now common due to the harm caused by our own environment. That 1 in 6 of our children now have learning disabilities due to exposure to dangerous chemical pesticides is a shocking statistic. Also shocking is the fact that these key officials believe that these diseases are completely attributed to toxic environment. Particularly scary are the statistics claiming that testicular cancer rates are rising, sperm counts are falling, and an increased occurances of hyperspadia (male babies born with disfigured penises). Endocrine disruptors are now so engrained in our society that we cannot go back to a world in which we use purely naturally products. What they prescribe a careful stewardship over our chemical industry so that our exposure is limited.

We generally think of the diseases listed in this article as not preventable, non treatable defects even though the highly increasing rates at which they occur tell us that the our environment is at play. Indeed evolution cannot and does not move fast enough to be attributed to these high rates of disease. Kennedy blames the industries producing toxic chemicals for manipulating our laws and agencies into turning a blind eye. Because the science is funded by chemical industries the studies are bias